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Kegel Exercisers

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Kegel Exercisers

Kegel Definition

Contractions by men and woman to the kegel muscle that control movement of urine in order to strengthen the kegel muscles especially to prevent urinary incontinence and or to enhance sexual pleasure.
—also called Kegels


kegel exercises

The Best of the Best Kegel Exercisers

You’ll have a lot to suffer through if you have urinary incontinence but you can make this all go away when you make use of the right Kegel devices depending on the type of incontinence you have, it isn’t all hopeless.  If weakened pelvic floor muscles cause the incontinence, Kegel exercises will help you re-strengthen them by using resistance and a Kegel exerciser

Popular Products
Some of the most popular products in the market are:

  • Kegel Exercise Balls
  • The super Kegel exerciser
  • The Kegel Dynamics
  • The Energize
  • The VagaCare Vaginal exerciser (#1)

Like the super Kegel exerciser, you can benefit the outer part of the body. The way it’s designed, it does you a service with toning your buttocks and thighs. Exercisers like these work for both men and women.

You just put it in between your thighs, just under the buttocks and start doing your exercises.  It also does well with alleviating any back pain that you’re feeling.

As for the Kegel Dynamics that are also referred to as KD, it’s one of the more revolutionary devices that you could use for dealing and getting over incontinence.  While this device is designed for women, it’s a good choice for getting the most out of your Kegel exercises.  In contrast to the super exerciser, this doesn’t come with edges and corners. So it’s safe for you to use in your workout.  With the ergonomic shape and curvy design, it fits the contour of a woman’s body in the right way for a more targeted workout.

For the third kind of Kegel exerciser, you have the Energize.  The main feature you get with this device is that it is ergonomically designed for doing your pelvic floor exercises.  In the same way as the Kegel Dynamics are for women, this is also made for women and it fits comfortably into the vaginal opening.  When you’re doing your exercises, these Kegel exercisers ensure that you’re working the right muscles out and that you’ll have some measure of resistance so that you develop strength in your pelvic floor muscles effectively.

The Top Choice is VagaCare vaginal exerciser
Depending on the kind of re-strengthening exercise you’re doing, this vaginal exerciser will provide you with all the challenge you need.  If at first it took too much time to develop strength in your pelvic floor muscles-this will give you the right weight.  You can adjust weight with the VagaCare accordingly based on how strong your pelvic floor muscles get.  This device will get you on the road towards total control.

The Comparison of Products

While all these Kegel exercisers have some merit to them, you have to weigh things out literally and figuratively.

  • The super exerciser works but it works more on toning your buttocks and your thighs up.
  • As for the Energize, the recommended use for this product would be lying down which means you wouldn’t be doing your pelvic floor exercises when you don’t have the time to lie down.  You’ll have a limited number of options for getting exercise with these kinds.
  • As for the KD Kegel exercisers, imagine yourself working out lying down.  You can’t do the exercises well without being in that position and no matter how effective it is for re-strengthening your pelvic floor muscles; again, you’ll be limited with doing exercises.

Out of the four choices, the best exerciser would have to be the product VagaCare.  You can take them everywhere you go and do your Kegel exercises as recommended.  In a standing up position, there’s a lot of pelvic workouts that you can do, which will lead to strong pelvic muscles.  When it comes to a Kegel exerciser, the best choice is something that has no limits for rebuilding muscle strength. read more



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