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Kegel Definition

Contractions by men and woman to the kegel muscle that control movement of urine in order to strengthen the kegel muscles especially to prevent urinary incontinence and or to enhance sexual pleasure.
—also called Kegels


kegel exercises

Kegel exercises are highly beneficial exercises for women, developed by Dr Kegel in the 1940’s. Kegel exercises for women aim to help cure and prevent incontinence and other pelvic floor related problems.
Kegel exercises support the bladder, uterus and pelvic floor and are regarded as the most effective way of curing incontinence within the medical industry.  Kegel exercises are quick, free and safe. They can be done anywhere, whether you’re at your desk, eating lunch out or just sitting at home. Start by reading about how kegel exercises can help you, and then follow the detailed guide about how to properly undertake kegel exercises.

Do kegel exercises matter?

Kegel exercises are important when you consider the problems that people may have. Kegel exercises help to increase the strength of the pelvic floor, which can get damaged by child birth and various diseases/illnesses.
When the pelvic muscles become damaged problems such as prolapse and incontinence can occur. Kegel exercises strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, which means a direct positive result, can be seen from doing them.
Kegel exercises also have numerous positive effects on female sexual health. Kegel exercises can increase the intensity of organisms and they can increase sexual drive significantly.
Doing kegel exercises…

  1. Find the right muscle!

Most women that try kegel exercises do not actually find the right one. You should be trying to use the PC muscle. It is important to only contract and exercise the PC muscle because doing more at the same time can reduce the effectiveness of the work.
The best way to find out what muscle you need to work is also the simplest. When you next go to the toilet, stop your flow of urine half way through and take note of what muscle you can feel contracted. In fact, if you can stop the flow of urine you are doing a perfect kegel exercise!
Do not make a habit of stopping your flow of urine though, as it can actually cause more damage than good. Doing it a few times will not cause many issues, but persistent stopping and starting during urination can actually reduce the effectiveness and strength of the pelvic floor – the very thing you’re trying to make stronger!

  1. Hold the contraction!

Make sure you empty you bladder, then go and lie/sit down. When you are ready, contract your PC muscle and make sure you hold the contract for as long as you can. This will tell you what your baseline is. From there, you will be able to know how long you should hold your contractions in the future.
As time goes by, your body will adjust to this and your muscles will get stronger. You will then have to increase the hold time of the contraction.

  1. Work in sets

Kegel exercises are most effective when they are done in sets with rests between. Try squeezing for 10 seconds (or the amount of time you can handle), and then release and wait five seconds. Repeat this process three or four times to create sets. Make sure you do kegel exercises a few times a day at least, but do not overdo it or you may get sore.

  1. Keep going…

As previously mentioned, you will need to perform your kegel exercises quite a few times each day for them to take effect. The good news is that you can do them anywhere at any time, and that they are pretty simple and quick to do.
In order to see positive results from kegel exercises, you will need to stick at them. Doing only a few weeks’ worth of exercise will not help you out much, nor will reducing the intensity at which you perform them. You need to make sure you do your exercises every day religiously for at least 2 months.
Don’t be embarrassed to pay your doctor a visit; your doctor or medical professional to give you some guidance about performing the actual exercises – he /she may even refer you to a kegel specialist if your condition is serious.
Bear in mind that for some women results are dramatic and quick, and for others it can take up to 12 weeks to even start working.


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