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Mixed Incontinence

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mixed incontinence

Kegel Definition

Contractions by men and woman to the kegel muscle that control movement of urine in order to strengthen the kegel muscles especially to prevent urinary incontinence and or to enhance sexual pleasure.
—also called Kegels


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Double Trouble with Uncontrolled Bladder Function Known as Mixed Incontinence

There are seven different types for urinary incontinence and one that can be a big problem is known as mixed incontinence.  For this kind of incontinence, the same symptoms with stress incontinence and another type of incontinence specifically-urge incontinence are felt.  You can take it that you have double trouble when you develop mixed incontinence.  Everything related to it, the characteristics, the causes, the symptoms can be attributed to the two types and it’s important that you get a distinct diagnosis for the mixed type so that the proper measures can be undertaken for a cure.

The Characteristics for Mixed Incontinence

  • It can be urinary leakage of different degrees when you exert a little more pressure on yourself with strenuous activities.
  • It can be an overwhelming, strong, sudden urge to pee and it wouldn’t be something that you can control.  It’s a feeling you’ll have but it wouldn’t give you enough time for making it to the toilet.

People Affected by Mixed Incontinence

Having any type of incontinence, a person will be more susceptible to the mixed kind.  The bottom line is this is the most common form of incontinence for both men and women, people of all ages.

The Causes

As you can understand, what causes stress and urge incontinence can also be the triggers for mixed incontinence.  You might have weakened pelvic floor muscles or you might be getting abnormal signals triggering your bladder as well as the sphincter to go haywire.  Medical conditions like uncontrolled diabetes and problems with the thyroid can also worsen the symptoms for incontinence.  It can also be because of the medication you take where they have a diuretic effect.  So far, there’s a long list for the causes for mixed incontinence.

  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Injury to the nervous system
  • Pregnancy
  • Coughing

How Fluids Affect the Urinary System

One of the reasons that you can have mixed incontinence can be your habits with fluid intake.  Moderation is the key where taking too much fluid can lead to incontinence and not drinking enough can lead to concentrated urine that irritates the bladder.  As for your choice of drinks, alcohol, caffeinated drinks and carbonated drinks can also worsen the symptoms for mixed incontinence.  Alcohol and caffeine act as diuretics and with carbonated drinks, you have a double dose of citric acid and caffeine which affect the bladder causing incontinence.

The Process of Diagnosis

To make sure that you’re suffering from mixed incontinence, a combination of an interview, physical examination, and laboratory tests are utilized.  For the most part, your best bet for finding a cure would be to answer your doctor’s questions truthfully.  They will all be related to your habits for voiding.  If further testing is required, you might have to undergo the bladder stress test where you’ll be made to cough to see if this induces leaking.  You can get more testing for mixed incontinence in the form of a cystoscopy and urodynamic testing.


If you think that getting diagnosed with mixed incontinence will get you prescriptions for medications, then you’re wrong. The first thing you can do is behavior modification.  If for instance it’s your fluid intake that causes the incontinence, you just need to be advised of the proper amount of fluids to take in.  As for the pattern of urination, you’ll have the recommendation of your doctor for a better process for voiding.  If on the other hand it’s weakened muscles that cause the mixed incontinence, you can learn how to do Kegel exercises.  These are exercises specific to strengthening your pelvic floor muscles for more support and more bladder control.

If these don’t work, medications like anticholinergics will be prescribed.  These help you attain a relaxed bladder and it also prevents spasms.  You can void more completely with these medications and you wouldn’t be leaking urine when pressure is exerted on your abdomen and bladder.  Biofeedback will be the next technique for curing mixed incontinence.  This helps you with regaining control over muscles so you have more awareness for your body function.  Vaginal devices would also be a good way to treat incontinence.  For men, devices like clamps do the trick.

If nothing else in this treatment line for mixed incontinence works, you will have to go through surgery.


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