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Urge Incontinence

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urge incontinence

Kegel Definition

Contractions by men and woman to the kegel muscle that control movement of urine in order to strengthen the kegel muscles especially to prevent urinary incontinence and or to enhance sexual pleasure.
—also called Kegels


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Urge Incontinence: A Sign That the Urinary System is Malfunctioning

One of the kinds of urinary incontinence is urge incontinence.  For this particular type, the sufferer feels a sudden and strong need to void because the bladder contracts and spasms.  If you take a look at how people are able to hold urine in, the main players are the organs in the urinary tract like the kidneys and the nervous system.  A person’s physical condition and mental ability will also be how a person is able to be in control of his bladder.  If any of these organs are damaged or injured, they malfunction and the person develops urge incontinence.

The Urination Process

When the kidney produces urine, it’s the bladder’s job to collect this urine and when it’s full, it’s released from the body through the help of the urethra and the sphincter.  If the muscle that controls urine flow is the sphincter, the muscles in the bladder wall also works toward storing urine and then releasing it afterwards.  Thus the process of urination is made up of two phases:

  • Filling and storage
  • Emptying

The Phase of Filling and Storage

The bladder stretches here so it can hold all the urine that’s produced by the kidneys.  At the most, a person can hold up to 550 mL of urine.  The feeling of wanting to void starts at 200 mL.  It is here the nervous system tells you, it’s time to void.  It also works with allowing the bladder to fill.

The Phase of Emptying

In this phase, the detrusor muscle contracts.  This motion forces urine out the bladder.  At the same time, the sphincter relaxes opening the urethra up so that urine can flow out.

Urge Incontinence in the Making

If you suffer from incontinence, it’s most likely an indication that there is something more severe happening in your body.  Urge incontinence can result from bladder inflammation, bladder cancer, bladder stones, infection and also neurological causes like injuries or diseases.

Urge incontinence can develop for men because of obstruction in the bladder outlet as in the case of an enlarged prostate or bladder changes where benign prostatic hypertrophy is the reason.  There are times when the causes for urge incontinence cannot be identified.  Urinary urge incontinence happens more commonly with women and also with the elderly for both genders.

Symptoms for Urge Incontinence

  • Involuntary voiding
  • Urgent need to void
  • Frequent urination

Tests and Exams for Diagnosis

There are a few things a doctor can gather asking you questions about your bladder habits and your lifestyle choices like when you drink to little water your urge incontinence might be because of an irritation in your bladder.  Alcoholism can also be a cause for the incontinence.  To make sure that the incontinence you have is urge incontinence, tests would have to be performed.

  • The bladder can be inspected using a cystoscope in cystoscopy.
  • Abdominal or pelvic ultrasound can be conducted.
  • Urine culture or urinalysis can be performed to rule out infection.

Medication Treatment

If your urge incontinence is due to urinary tract infection, antibiotics will be prescribed for you.  For the most part, urge incontinence is taken care of with taking medications that relax your bladder muscles enough to keep it from contracting and having spasms.  The most effective medications are anticholinergics like Sanctura and Oxytrol.  Sometimes, these meds are used in combination with other medications like Urispas which is an antispasmodic kind of drug.

Dietary Treatment

There is a lot you can solve in terms of physical problems when you eat right and get the right amounts of fluids.  If you’re into spicy foods, lessening the quantity you take in would help with preventing an irritated bladder.  If you like acidic foods like citrus fruits, you’ll be far safer with eating a wide variety of fruits.  Urge incontinence can also be avoided with drinking enough water.

Bladder Retraining

This would be a program where you become more aware of the patterns for episodes of incontinence.  When you learn the skills for bladder storage and emptying the bladder at the right time, you will also lessen the effects of incontinence.  Keeping a schedule for urination, you also have a means for getting cured of urge incontinence.


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